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    1. SPI Dismate

      What is Dismate PE
      Dismate PE is an insecticide-free powerful mating disruption system that uses synthetically produced nature identical pheromones to confuse males and limit their ability to locate females for mating.

      By reducing the likelihood of successful mating Dismate PE decreases the level of food moth Plodia / Ephestia infestation substantially. Dismate PE is system is an environmentally-friendly strategy to disrupt mating through the controlled release of sex pheromone from various strategic points.

      Dismate PE is specially designed to combat following food moths infestations prevailing in food processing and storage facilities

      • Indian meal moth.
      • Mill moth.
      • Warehouse moth.
      • Tropical warehouse moth.
      • Raisin moth.
      • Cocoa moth.

      Main Advantages:

      • Proven food moth control system with a 10 years track record.
      • Curative and preventative replacement to Methyl Bromide without downtime.
      • Non toxic and zero residues in treated areas and commodities.
      • Continual preventative control strategy.
      • Cost effective control for food moths with complimentary data support.


      Dismate PE system comes in 4 distinctive colours coded dispensers this makes it easy to detect and ensures that all dispensers have been changed correctly. Dismate PE dispensers release a steady amount of pheromone for over 3 months. Dismate PE. This system complies fully with HACCP regulations. Dismate PE is also metal detectable to maintain further safety.

      How does Dismate PE Works?
      By placing several Dismate PE confuser dispenser in the food process and manufacturing industry disrupt ion of mating can be achieved by:

      • Males become bombarded by the pheromone, so that they cannot find the females they seek.
      • Males become so accustomed to the pheromone that they do not respond to it.
      • Males are attracted to the pheromone released from Dismate PE dispensers, so actively seek to find the dispensers and not the natural female.
      • Subsequently, application of Dismate PE reduces the chance of finding female and mate with her.

      Complimentary data support:

      Russell IPM will provide a complementary monitoring data support for the customer using Dismate PE system. Xlure-RTU pheromone trap will be provided for moth population monitoring. Regular monitoring data can uploaded to a dedicated secure data base for instant technical support as well as real time report to pest control manager or hygiene manager.

      Efficacy of Dismate PE:

      The efficacy of the Dismate PE system has been evaluated in a breakfast cereal factory in the United Kingdom over 10 years of continuous trials. In 2009 pheromone traps showed a complete absence of moths in 8 out of 9 units of the cereal processing plants. Very low insignificant number (3-4 moths/ month) of trap catches were observed packaging. The Dismate PE system provides complete protection without conventional chemical fumigation.



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